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    The most painful experience of my life so far? The use of an EPILATOR!!! All the youtube reviews/videos I had watched said the pain was temporary and it amounts to a tickle after a few uses! LIES! I honestly believe getting my tattoo was less painful than epilating! No, I KNOW it was less painful! I didn’t think it hurt at all! But epilating? Goodness gracious! The results are phenomenal, don’t get me wrong… I love the results. They last me about 3-4 weeks before stubble reappears.

    I didn’t think I wanted to write about this because it’s so weird/gross/awkward, but I thought I’d write a bit about my experiences for others looking into it… 

    I’ve been using my epilator since December now about once every 3 weeks. The amount of pain it inflicts has not changed a bit and it still hurts just as much as the first time. TIP For First Timers: Shave first, then epilate. Repeat epilating daily for the next week. Why do this? Well, epilating is essentially plucking each hair, removing it from the root. If you shave first, this gives you nothing to pluck. Hair doesn’t grow back all at once equally, so when you epilate following a shave, you won’t have as much hair to epilate. Aka… Less pain to go through, little by little, daily until you have epilated all the hair at least once. Afterwards, you’ll be evenly epilated and the hair should grow back MUCH slower. Now you can dive straight into epilating only, no need to buy anymore razors! yay! I’m definitely hoping the pain goes away soon, or at least I get so used to it I “forget.” But I don’t actually think that will happen anytime SOON… maybe in a few months after my hair grows back even thinner, and I’ve been epilating for a long while, but so far, No Pain, No Gain… I have waxed before, but to get results as smooth and long lasting, you really need to go to a salon, and the cost of that… well… a broke college student most definitely cannot afford it! As far as comparing the pain, waxing is obviously faster, but I feel like waxing pain leaves a tingle that lasts even after you finish. Epilating stops hurting the moment you stop. Just like plucking your eyebrows…

    All in all, the pain is HORRID. But the results are SO WORTH IT. I’m glad I started now, because by the time summer rolls around, my legs will be smooth on the daily without having to worry about shaving again… EVER! So give it a try if you think you’d rather save money from buying razors, and save time from shaving constantly! I’ll def give an update when Summer begins and let you know if the pain has subsided or at least my pain threshold increases… Let me know if you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them, just inbox me!

    smile (^_^)

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