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    Change in Taste

    When I was a kid, I hated sushi. I refused to eat raw meats/seafood. You couldn’t pay me to each spinach of any kind (yeah, not even the yummy creamed spinach). Broccoli and cauliflower had to be cooked down to soft baby food texture for me to even attempt to want to try it. I drank milk 3 times a day. I couldn’t get enough papaya. I loved apple juice. But what about now? I LOVE Sushi! I LOVE raw oysters, raw fish, even this Vietnamese dish with shredded raw beef I don’t know the name of! I LOVE spinach… creamed and cheesy, or even raw thrown in a salad! I enjoy nibbling on broccoli and cauliflower raw for snacks, not even needing a dip. I rarely drink milk anymore unless I’m craving it(usually chocolate milk) or if I want some with cereal or cookies. I couldn’t care less about papaya, and apple juice is no where to be found in my fridge. Instead, I’ve fallen in love with clementines and cranberry juice! My tastes have change SO MUCH and it took me so long to even realize it! When I was younger, my dad made me try everything at least once, but if I didn’t like something, I simply would never eat it again. I’m not sure how or when my tastes began changing, but I’m so happy it has! Food is such a great thing to share, and being able to eat, and ENJOY, all types of food from all over is a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see what other changes there are in store for me in the future, because not all changes are bad at all! Currently craving: Raw Oysters! 

    smile (^_^)

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